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System 2000

Sinclair himself, with his brother Iain, designed the System 2000 amplifier which was introduced in late 1968. It was part of a larger hi-fi package which comprised an amplifier, FM tuner, stereo decoder and 8 ohm loudspeaker, all available from hi-fi shops as pre-assembled units. It marked an attempt by Sinclair to break into the consumer hi-fi market, bypassing the hobbyists who had up to now provided his primary market.

Although competitively priced and modernistically styled in brushed aluminium, the System 2000 did not make a great impact and sold only modestly well. This was partly due to significant quality issues. The FM tuner for the System 2000 was a poor design, even in its mono version, while with the stereo decoder added it was very difficult to tune into a station. The product was replaced by 1972's System 3000.

  • Launched:
    Autumn 1968
  • Price:
    29 guineas
    FM tuner:
    25 guineas
    Stereo decoder:
    4 guineas
    12 guineas

System 2000 amplifier (front) (27 Kb) System 2000 amplifier
(29 Kb)

System 2000 advert (167 Kb)


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