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Title Year
Crevasse 1982
Hotfoot 1982
Evolution 1983
Train Game, The Track B 1983
Omnicalc 1983
Omnicalc 2 1983
Omnicopy 1983
Train Game, The Track A 1983
Wheelie 1983
Skool Daze 1985
Back to Skool 1985
Contact Sam Cruise 1986
Sky Ranger 1986

Microsphere was something of an oddity - although it remained in business for a respectable period (four years), it produced relatively few games in that time. The husband-and-wife company was, however, responsible for producing one of the Spectrum's all-time classics, Skool Daze. The experience of Microsphere gives a good insight into the workings of the small home-grown software companies which were so typical of the early 1980s.

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