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Gargoyle Games

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Title Year
Ad Astra 1984
Tir na Nòg 1984
Dun Darach 1985
Marsport 1985
Samurai Dawn 1985
Sweevo's World 1986
Sweevo's Whirled 1986
Scooby Doo * 1986
Heavy on the Magick 1986
Light Force ** 1986
Shockway Rider ** 1987
Hydrofool ** 1987
Supertrux * 1988
Thundercats * 1988

* Published by Elite Systems Ltd

** Published under Faster Than Light label

The two men responsible for Gargoyle Games, Roy Carter and Greg Follis (right), produced a consistently superb series of games during the company's four years as a developer and publisher.

Gargoyle's games were renowned for their graphical excellence: their trademark was the "walking man" animation of their sideways-scrolling graphic adventure games Tir na Nòg and its follow-ups Dun Darach and Marsport, the first of a never-completed "Siege of Earth" trilogy. The company later branched out into producing arcade games in its own distinctive style, some published by Elite Systems and some under Gargoyle's Faster than Light label.

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