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Delta 4


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Title Year
Dragonstar Trilogy 1984
Quest for the Holy Joystick 1984
Return of the Joystick, The 1984
Sherwood Forest 1984
Robin of Sherlock * 1985
Bored of the Rings * 1985
Boggit, The ** 1986
Colour of Magic, The *** 1986
Galaxias 1986
Murder Off Miami ** 1987
Big Sleaze *** 1987
Guide to Greater London 198?

* Published by Silversoft Ltd

** Published by CRL Group PLC

*** Published by Piranha

Delta 4 was a classic example of a home-brew programming team - in this case, 15-year-old Fergus McNeill and his school friends in Stratford. Using off-the-shelf utilities (in this case the highly-regarded Quill and Illustrator from Gilsoft), he and his collaborators - Judith Child, Jason Somerville and Jon Walker - created a series of well-received adventure games. Delta 4's hallmark was an extremely offbeat sense of humour, particularly evident in the Tolkein spoofs Bored of the Rings and The Boggit. It also stood them in good stead for The Colour of Magic, the only one of Terry Pratchett's immensely popular fantasy books to appear on an 8-bit computer.

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