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Pete Cooke

Pete Cooke achieved wide recognition as one of the most accomplished Spectrum games programmers of the 1980s, producing a string of critically acclaimed games.

Cooke cut his teeth with adventure games before graduating to arcade / simulation games. His first big hit came in 1985 with Tau Ceti, a first-person 3D shoot-em-up which is still an impressive game, as is its sequel Academy. Both were converted onto a variety of other formats, including the 16-bit machines and PC. With Micronaut One in 1987, Cooke created possibly the most visually impressive 3D game seen on the Spectrum.

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Title Year
Invincible Island 1983
Urban Upstart 1984
Inferno 1984
Ski Star 2000 1985
Juggernaut 1985
Tau Ceti 1985
Room 10 1986
Academy 1987
Micronaut One 1987
Brainstorm 1988
Earthlight 1988
Zolyx 1988

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