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The New Sinclair Spectrum 128K +3...
With Built-In Disc Drive!

Amstrad promotional brochure, 1987

Even Better...

Following in the footsteps...

The Spectrum was famous from the first day it appeared. Five years later, its fame has spread. Millions of Spectrum owners know the reason; the combination of colourful graphics, creative sound and great value have guaranteed an unparalleled range of software. Today, there are more Spectrums and more Spectrum programs than ever before. And today there is a Spectrum with more features and more power than ever before. The ZX Spectrum +3. The Spectrum +3 has everything that made the family famous. It includes 128K of RAM and the enhanced sound capabilities of the Spectrum 128K +2. It has the advanced keyboard and built-in joystick ports of the 128K +2. Most of all, it has the original Spectrum's inexhaustible appetite for software. But it's the new features that set the Spectrum +3 apart as the most exciting Sinclair computer to date.

More in store

For the first time, the Spectrum has a disk drive as standard. Games load in seconds, not minutes. Each disk can hold more than 350 kilobytes of programs and data; more than enough for a fifty thousand word novel. Imagine the games that this sheer size makes possible. Then remember that the country's leading software houses have been working with the +3 for some considerable time. A challenging prospect.

Good connections get you far

Existing owners have been well catered for. Spectrum ZX Basic has been extensively redesigned and enlarged. A resident Disk Operating System allows instant access to the new facilities, and there are many features to ease the transition from tape to disk. In most cases, BASIC programs will transfer without modification. An ordinary cassette recorder can be connected to allow full access to the huge software base.

The +3 has inherited the monitor connection, four-channel sound, MIDI port and serial printer interface of the +2 to make it by far the best connected Spectrum yet. It's easy to use, too.. Switch on, insert a disk, press one key and your game is ready to play. You can't go wrong with the joystick ports, either - they're built-in as standard. Programmers will appreciate the menu-based editing system and the simple disk commands. Users will appreciate the word-processor quality keyboard and clear graphics. And everyone will appreciate the standard Spectrum expansion connector, ready to accept drum machines, mice ports or modems.

There are a large number of games already available on disk. You can defend the universe from intruders, win gold on the ski slopes and battle mythical monsters in an all-too-real fight to the death. You can sample all three at the touch of a key, in less time than it takes to rewind a tape. Those aliens just havent a chance...

Getting Serious

Games aren't the only things that are better with the Spectrum +3. The professional user will find a built-in parallel printer port, with in-depth support from BASIC. The disk system is hardware compatible with the Amstrad range of home computers, ensuring that designers and programmers already have the expertise to create truly advanced software. There's a socket for a second disk drive, to produce a system capable of working hard for its living. Inside, the Spectrum +3 makes full use of new technology. By using fewer chips to do a better job, the Spectrum's reputation for value is enhanced while reliability is improved even further. All aspects of the Spectrum +3 are covered in the comprehensive manual, which combines tutorial and reference material to provide an ideal introduction and working companion. Everything is described, from first programming in BASIC to the hard facts about machine code and the Disk Operating System.