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Z88 Specifications


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Released: 1988
Power source: 4 x AA Alkaline Cells (MN1500, LR6) providing 20 hours of use; AC Mains adaptor (6.5 v DC), 500 mA, centre positive.
Weight: 900 g (1.98 lb).
Dimensions: 294 mm (L) x 210 mm (D) x 23 mm (H)
Keyboard: QWERTY, 64 keys including INDEX, MENU, and HELP.
Sound: RS232, connector 9-way 'D' female.
Storage: Memory cards, unique to Cambridge Z88 (concurrent, 4M Bytes address range).
Operating Temperature: 0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F).
Processor: CMOS Z80A
Internal Memory:

RAM CMOS 32K Bytes, ROM CMOS 128K Bytes

Internal options allow the use of up to 512K RAM and 512K ROM in future machines.

Memory cards Slots 1, 2, or 3 IM Byte per card maximum

Slot 3 also programs EPROM cards.

CMOS RAM: Random Access Memory. Data retained only while machine is powered.

CMOS EPROM: Erasable, Programmable, Read-Only Memory Data Retention measured in years. Card can be removed from Cambridge Z88 without data loss.

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