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Third-party peripherals

Literally hundreds of peripherals for the Sinclair computers were produced by third-party companies (i.e. not Sinclair itself - see Sinclair Peripherals for the official products). They ranged from the obvious - joystick interfaces, RAM packs, keyboards etc - to the obscure, such as heart rate monitors. The Spectrum Hardware Page lists around 500 such items for the Spectrum, and many more exist for the QL, ZX81 and other Sinclair computers.

Many Sinclair peripherals are now collectors' items and are traded on eBay. This page lists some of the most frequently sought-after devices.

Alphacom 32 printer

Currah µSpeech

Interfaces (miscellaneous non-Sinclair)

RAMpacks (Sinclair and third-party)

Romantic Robot Multifaces

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