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Sinclair's final 1960s radio kit was the 1967 Micromatic. Apart from not offering a wrist strap, packing the kit bits in a "see-for-yourself sealed polystyrene pack" and giving the "beautifully styled case" a "polished aluminium front panel", this is in fact the Micro-6 in another guise. It was in no way more automatic than it was in its previous incarnation; "-matic" was simply an attempt to catch the mood of 1967, when automation was regarded as the next big thing. Yet again, it was billed as "the world's smallest radio". The tag of "world's smallest" had by now become a well-established marketing gimmick for Sinclair, with adverts inviting customers to measure up the life-size illustration of the device.

The Micromatic sold quite well and held a place in Sinclair's range until 1971. It is now something of a collector's item; because significant numbers were sold, it is not too difficult to find Micromatics in today's marketplace.

  • Launched:
    February 1967
  • Price:
    59/6d (kit)
    79/6d (built)

Micromatic with 20p coin

Inside the Micromatic

Micromatic radio kit, original box (68Kb) Micromatic advert (223 Kb)



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