Odin / Thor


(Spectrum only)

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(As Thor)

Title Year
Gremlins 1984
Jack and the Beanstalk 1984
Giant's Revenge 1984
House Jack Built, The 1984
Twilight Zone 1984
I.C.U.P.S. 1985

(As Odin)

Title Year
Nodes of Yesod 1985
Robin of the Wood 1985
Arc of Yesod, The 1986
Hypaball 1986
Robin of the Wood (128K) 1986
Heartland 1986
Sidewize * 1987
Plot, The * 1988

* Published by Firebird Software Ltd

Odin Computer Graphics started off in unpromising style as Thor, a software house which (like so many others in the early 1980s) published games submitted by amateur programmers. Not surprisingly, its products were not very good.

In 1985, the Liverpool-based company changed tack and name. In future, its games would be produced by an in-house programming team. The results were impressive - some of the most graphically appealing games ever produced for the Spectrum.

Odin eventually became a developer for Telecomsoft, British Telecom's software publishing arm (which used the Firebird and Rainbird labels). By this time, however, the team was already splitting up. Most still work in the software industry.

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