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PC200 Specifications


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Released: 1988
Memory: 512k RAM, expandable to 640k
Processor: Intel 8086 8.0Mhz, optional 8087 maths coprocessor
ROM: No built in software, uses MS-DOS and GEM desktop
Storage: Internal 3.5" 720k floppy drive, no hard disk, optional external 5.25" 360k floppy drive
Display: CGA and MDA screen modes, standard DB9 video output and TV port.
Expansion: Two half length 8 bit ISA slots
Keyboard: Industry standard 102 keyboard built in
Mouse/Joystick: Black Amstrad-built mouse and badged Sinclair standard DB15 analogue joystick supplied with system.
Bundled software: MS-DOS 3.3, Digital Research GEM/3 desktop, Organiser software
Chris Owen 1994-2003